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DGP Fish Feed Extruder Machine

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  • Application: Fish, catfish, shrimps farms, feed production workshop, etc.

DGP dry type fish feed extruder is used to process various kinds of grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, crab, catfish, shrimps, etc. This dry type fish feed pellet extruder mill has gained popularity in fish farmers. This dry type fish farm feed pellet extruder is suitable for small and medium aquaculture farm or feed pellets processing plant.

Feed Pellet Mill Introduction

DGP dry-type fish feed extruder is used to process various kinds of grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, crabs, catfish, shrimps, etc. This dry-type fish feed pellet extruder mill has gained popularity among fish farmers. This dry-type fish farm feed pellet extruder is suitable for small and medium aquaculture farms or feed pellet processing plants. Compared with buying fish feed, making your own fish feed pellets with the fish farm feed pellet extruder is really cost-effective.

This dry-type fish feed extruder mill can also be widely used to produce pet foods for dogs, cats, fish, shrimp, foxes, etc., which includes various configurations to satisfy different output requirements. Dry-type fish feed extruder is able to produce popular pet foods with novelty shapes, unique tastes, great nutritive value, and exquisite character to satisfy the different tastes of pets. The fish feed extruder machine is used to make the pellet from grain, soybean, cereal, or other materials. The pellet floats on the water for at least about 12 hours. Especially for the aquaculture industry such as the fish, shrimp tortoise, and other aquatic products.

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DGP Fish Feed Extruder Advantages

1. A wide range of raw materials, corn, wheat bran, rice, soybean meal, rice, sorghum, and other raw materials can kill salmonella and bacterial infection after high temperature and high-pressure treatment.

2. In addition to producing floating fish feed and sinking fish feed, this production line can also produce high-quality pet feed such as dogs and cats, which is suitable for farm owners and pet feed manufacturers.

3. The diameter of the pellets can be from 1.0 mm to 10 mm.

4. We can also customize different fish feed pellet equipment according to your raw materials and specific requirements.

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What Is Fish Feed Extrusion Process?

The commercial fish feed extrusion process refers to the cooking of a mixture of feed ingredients under high temperature, humidity and high pressure in a short period of time through a fish feed extrusion machine, where the high temperature is a direct result of friction (dry extrusion) or pretreatment and steam Infusion (wet squeeze). As a process, extrusion can make it possible to process a variety of fish feed ingredients such as soybeans, corn, rice, peas and ingredients with high moisture content. According to the moisture content of the raw material processing, the fish feed extruding process can be divided into two types: dry extruding and wet extruding.

Dry extrusion process: During the extrusion process, the heat generated by friction is used to heat up the material, forcing the material to pass through the die hole, and at the same time obtain a certain pressure under the action of screw extrusion. After extruding from the die hole, the pressure of the material drops sharply, and the water evaporates, so as to achieve the purpose of extrusion. Throughout the process, the water content is always around 15% to 20%.

Wet extrusion process: its principle is similar to that of dry extrusion, but needs to add water and steam to make the moisture reach more than 20% or even 30% because the increase of material temperature depends on the addition of steam.

DGP Fish Feed Extruder Technical Parameters

ModelCapacity(t/h)MainPower(kW)Feeding power(kW)Screw Diameter(mm)Machine size (mm)Cutting power(kW)Machine weight (kg)
DGP-40C(single phase)0.03-*1030*12000.4220
DGP-60C0. 12-0. 15150.4601470*1120*12500.4350
DGP-70B0. 18-0.2518.50.4701650*1400*13000.4580
DGP-135B0.8- 1.0750.41332550*2050*16502.21900


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