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Flat Bottom Silo

  • Service: Customized & OEM
  • Cooperation: Factory Directly
  • Brand: Herm®
  • Application: It is used for grain storage, such as rice, wheat, corn, etc

Flat bottom silo is designed for agricultural, industrial, commercial, and strategic applications such as large farms, inland storage facilities, grain terminals, grain-based factories such as flour mills, feed mills, rice mills, oil mills, and biofuel facilities.

What is A Flat Bottom Silo?

Flat-bottom silos are also known as flat-bottom silos or farm silos. It is designed for agricultural, industrial, commercial, and strategic applications such as large farms, inland storage facilities, grain terminals, grain plants such as flour mills, feed mills, rice mills, oil mills, and biofuel facilities. They can be used for short and long-term storage of grain, corn, soybeans, rice, oilseeds, and any other granular free-flowing material.

Our silo siding is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel. Our granaries are also equipped with scrapers, belt conveyor storage systems, cleaning and removal of impurities, magnetic separation and iron removal, temperature measurement systems, ventilation systems, material change warehouses, and many other functions.

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Flat Bottom Silo Features

1. Modular design.

2. Special silos to suit customer applications are available - standard and custom ranges.

3. All flat bottom silos come standard with cylinder access doors and roof inspection openings - additional doors can be fitted.

4. The silo is made of high-grade S450 steel, galvanized to Z600 standard, which has excellent strength-weight characteristics and extremely long service life.

5. Unique one-piece roof design for silos up to 16m diameter - simplifies installation and improves performance.

6. 30-degree pitched roof, providing integrity while keeping the overall height of conveyors and elevators low and matching the natural angle of repose of stored materials.

7. All silos are designed for high cyclic loads - large volumes of product in and out at high tonnage rates.

8. Galvanized, stainless steel, mild steel, and painted options.

9. Fully galvanized structure.

10. Optimized design of wall reinforcement and steel structure.

11. Round flat-bottom silos with a capacity of 1500 to 30,000 tons (based on 750 kg/m3 of wheat).

12. Standard flat bottom silo diameters from 3m (15 tons storage) to 32m (20,000 tons storage).

13. If replacing an end-of-life silo, custom diameters are available to fit existing bases.

What is The Structure of Hopper Silo?

Silo Roof

The angle of the warehouse roof is generally designed to be 25 degrees to 30 degrees. This design can guarantee the optimal structural strength of the silo rack, thus maximizing the structural and safety of the silo. The silo roof adopts the strong interconnection design of the silo roof, the lower ring beam structure, and the side reinforcement structure with the top cover plate, so that the silo roof can bear the worst load of the silo, the construction load of the top silo, and even the extreme snow load, and other an extreme environment.

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Our silos are all made of high-tensile external reinforcement profiles to strengthen the entire silo body structure so that the silo can stand well even in extreme environments. And all reinforcing ribs are galvanized to ensure that they will not rust for a long time.

Wind Ring

The air ring is mainly used to increase the strength of the hopper silo. For the tall hopper silo or the silo in a strong wind position, the air ring can effectively strengthen the load-bearing of the hopper silo, thereby effectively ensuring the firmness and safety of the silo.


High Strength Bolts

Our silos are all made of high-strength galvanized bolts, with nuts, sealing washers, and the use of sealant between the steel plates, which perfectly guarantees the sealing and firmness of the silos.



Our silos provide two manholes. The first is located on the top of the bin for access from the top of the bin, and the other is located on the second bottom ring for workers to enter for clean-up or maintenance.


Ladder System & Rest Platforms

Ladders and rest platforms inside and outside the hopper silo are produced entirely in modular form, in painted or galvanized sheets. An external safety ladder with a cage allows workers to reach the roof safely.

Ladder_System_Rest_Plat_forms_flat_bottom bin

Base Angel and Anchoring

Rolled structural bottom corners prevent water from entering the bottom of the litter box for greater protection.

Silo Bottom Secondary Waterproof

The bottom is made of polymer waterproof material for secondary waterproofing.


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