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10T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Making Machine for Kazakhstan Client


Successful Collaboration with Kazakhstan Client: Establishing an Efficient Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

Recently, our company successfully collaborated with a client from Kazakhstan to design and produce a 10-ton-per-hour chicken feed pellet production line. This project not only demonstrates the high quality and efficiency of our products but also reflects our excellent customer service and technical support.

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Customer Needs and Initial Contact

The client from Kazakhstan reached out to us after extensive research and comparisons online. They expressed a clear need for a production line capable of producing 4mm diameter chicken feed pellets. Initial discussions revealed that the client already had a powder feed production line and aimed to start producing pellet feed to meet their farming needs.

Initially, the client only inquired about the prices of our single machines, including the 420 ring die pellet mill, counter-flow feed cooler, and rotary grading sieve, stating that they would discuss other auxiliary equipment later. After we showcased some real-life videos of high-capacity cases, the client was highly impressed with our production capacity and quality.

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Technical Proposal and Dimension Confirmation

Based on the client’s requirements, we provided the corresponding single-machine prices. After comparing various options, the client initially chose our products. To ensure that the new equipment would seamlessly integrate with the client's existing production line, we requested precise measurements. The client measured and provided detailed dimensions as per our request. Our technical team then began designing the process flow diagram to ensure feasibility and accuracy.

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Additional Requirements and On-Site Measurement

Following the New Year celebrations in Kazakhstan, the client resumed communication with us, adding the need for a crumbler and a fat addition system. We revised the quotation to include these new components. After a thorough review, the client decided to move forward with us. To ensure the production process's accuracy, the client requested our technical personnel to conduct on-site measurements.

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Understanding the client’s situation, our technical team promptly traveled to Kazakhstan, where they were warmly received by the client. After two days of on-site measurements and inspections, our team designed three different solutions based on the client’s existing facilities and space constraints. After multiple discussions and confirmations, the client selected the most satisfactory solution and signed a purchase contract with us.

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Production Preparation and Client Inspection

Following the detailed planning and contract signing, our company immediately commenced the production of the required equipment. After two months of preparation, all equipment was successfully manufactured. The client dispatched staff to our factory for an inspection visit. They witnessed the manufacturing process and inspected the final products. Satisfied with the quality and production process, the client further affirmed the wisdom of choosing to collaborate with our company.

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Summary and Outlook

This cooperation provided the client with an efficient and cost-effective chicken feed pellet production solution, showcasing our professional technology and excellent service in the feed machinery industry. From initial communication, and solution design, to final production and inspection, we meticulously managed every step to ensure the client's needs were optimally met.

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Looking forward, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to clients worldwide, helping them achieve efficient production and jointly advancing the development of the feed machinery industry.

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