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3-4T/H Chicken Feed Mill Plant for Our Kenya Customer


The poultry farming industry in Kenya is an important component of the country's agricultural sector, playing a significant role in economic development and increasing income for farmers. In Kenya, poultry farming primarily includes chicken farming, duck farming, and turkey farming. Among these, chicken farming is the most common and predominant, encompassing both meat and egg production.

The poultry farming industry in Kenya faces several challenges, such as rising feed costs and disease prevention and control. However, it also holds promising prospects for development. With advancements in technology and improved management practices, Kenya's poultry farming industry is gradually modernizing and industrializing, providing farmers with more job opportunities and income sources.

Additionally, Kenyan poultry products are increasingly being exported to international markets, reaching neighboring countries as well as Europe and Asia, generating significant foreign exchange income for the country.

Overall, Kenya's poultry farming industry plays a crucial role in driving rural economic development, increasing farmers' income, and enhancing food security. It holds vast potential for further growth and development.

Recently, our company welcomed an important client from Kenya who runs a chicken farm and requires a large amount of feed supply daily. To meet the growing demand for feed in the farm and also to sell surplus feed products in the market, the client decided to purchase a chicken feed production line, aiming to achieve a win-win situation. After careful consideration and comparison, the client ultimately chose to cooperate with our company and sought a customized solution that perfectly fit their needs.

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The client, an experienced chicken farm owner from Kenya, has a deep understanding of the poultry industry and has specific requirements. Through close communication with the client, we learned that the size of their factory is 30*10 meters, which poses certain challenges in layout and operation due to limited space. Additionally, the client emphasized the need for precise control of feed pellet size, aiming for around 3 millimeters, to ensure optimal nutrition intake and growth for the chickens. In order to meet these specific requirements, our engineering team conducted in-depth research and analysis, proposing a feasible customized solution.

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During the design process of the customized solution, we fully considered the client's actual situation and needs, carefully designing a chicken feed production line that occupies a small footprint and achieves high production efficiency. By utilizing advanced technology and processes, we ensured that every aspect of the production line met the client's requirements, including precise control of feed pellet size, increased production efficiency, and stable product quality. The production line includes machines such as feed crushers, feed mixers, feed pelletizers, feed coolers, feed boilers, etc. Through close cooperation with the client, we continuously adjusted and optimized the design of the production line to perfectly adapt to the client's factory size and feed requirements.

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This collaboration not only demonstrates our company's expertise and technical capabilities in providing customized solutions but also strengthens our relationship with international clients. We will continue to uphold the principle of "customer first, quality first," providing high-quality, customized solutions to our clients, and jointly creating a better future!

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In the future, we look forward to cooperating with more international clients, jointly promoting the development of the farming industry, and achieving a win-win situation!

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